Mi Único Arrepentimiento

Bee man

(English translation follows.)

Si hubiera heredado una gran fortuna antes de casarme con mi esposo Rob, habría cambiado nuestra decisión de ir a Nepal. Después de todo, lo conocí en una clase de alpinismo. Si mis cuñados (su hermano y esposa) no nos hubieran invitado de Everest, no habría tenido este arrepentimiento. La verdad, si hubiera tenido mi propio dinero, habría dicho, “Sí, sí y gracias.”

El viernes pasado, Rob tuvo una cirugía de su vejiga. Si no hubiera sido el diagnóstico de cáncer, no habría examinado mi vida. Pero, ahora reflejo y escribo sobre eso. Después el diagnóstico, ha sido como una carrera vertiginosa, con gritos grandes en mi mente. También, me siento alivida porque, en realidad, si hubiera tenido más dinero, no habría vivido de otra manera.

Por supuesto espero que Rob se mejore pronto. Gracias a Dios, hay buenas expectativas para su recuperación. Aún así va a ser un camino duro, vale la pena.


My Only Regret

If I had inherited a large fortune before marrying my husband Rob, it would have changed our decision about going to Nepal. After all, I met him in a mountaineering class. If my in-laws (his brother and wife) had not invited us to Everest, I would not have had this regret. The truth is, if I had had my own money, I would have said, “Yes, yes and thank you.”

Last Friday, Rob had surgery on his bladder. If he had not been diagnosed with cancer, I would not be examining my life. But, now I am reflecting and writing about it. After the diagnosis, it’s been like a dizzying race, with big screams in my mind. Also, I feel relieved because actually, if I had had more money, I would not have lived differently.

Of course, I expect Rob will get better soon. Thank God there are good expectations for his recovery. Even if it will be a hard road, it’s worth it.



9 thoughts on “Mi Único Arrepentimiento

    1. Anne, I know it is not the easiest thing in the world to get started on WordPress so that you can not only read my posts but also comment. At this very moment your response means the world to me because it means that a part of my “before cancer” life (writing to communicate) can continue. I know you have a lot going on too. Thank you. Con mucho amor, Penny


  1. Penny, I didn’t know about Rob. I’m so sorry. There’s a lot I still don’t know about the cancer. I’ll send an email. Thinking of you, dear Penny and Rob.


  2. Bendiciones, amor, y abrazos a usted y Rob, querida Penny! Gracias por compartir sus reflexiones aquí.


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