House Eucharist


While preparing for our summer story-telling gathering at the Butler’s home, I asked Father Alfredo if he’d translate the word “bridging.” In response, he offered hesitantly, “tender y ser el puente?” Tend or make or perhaps roll-out (as in roll-out the red carpet in honorable hospitality) and be the bridge. This is what we do at Our Lady of Guadalupe Episcopal.

Every Sunday afternoon, reliably, we come together for la misa bilingüe and then we share Happy Hour. We hold hands, sing, kneel, pray, listen and celebrate. Gradually we are learning about each other as Love radiates. We are sharing our deeper stories and beginning to invite each other into our homes.

More than a decade ago I set out to learn Spanish in middle age. Rather than traditional school study, I eventually found myself traveling back and forth to Nicaragua to stay with families in their homes and experience directly how most of the world lives. Sure it was tempting to keep traveling, enjoying and marveling in the liminality of being away from home. But I chose intentionally to return and use my developing Spanish here. Guadalupe has given me the context to continue learning.

Soon the congregation will assemble in my home for Eucharist. We are a new church and are experimenting with what works in our new age. Simultaneously we are returning to old ways like when Jesus met with others in houses. Sometimes my women friends have gathered in my home for a contemplative circle of silence followed by soup supper. Now, we’ve decided to try a more deliberate, Christ-named-and-centered bilingual service with Father Alfredo presiding. We’ll see what happens.

Opening our home feels like opening my heart even wider. Imagining this ancient tradition in both languages offered by my church queridos and swirling amongst my things and family members is Sheer Grace. It sounds delicious. Not to mention breaking bread together in the happy hours that follow.

You are invited to the home of Penny and Rob Reid

House Eucharist

on Thursday, October 13th at 5:30  PM

Father Alfredo Feregrino presiding.

Potluck supper to follow.

For address, contact

Alfredo or Penny

Te invitamos a la casa de Penny y Rob Reid para nuestra

Primera Eucaristia en un hogar

El jueves, 13 de octubre a las 5:30 PM

con el Padre Alfredo Feregrino como celebrante.

Después tendremos una cena – Traiga cualquier platillo para compartir.

Para la dirección, póngase en contacto con

Alfredo or Penny


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