Black Cats


Honestly we tried to stifle the guffaws when our daughter called last night and asked us to keep her cats inside for the next few days.

“After all, you know what people do to black cats on Halloween,” she admonished.

As if we have that much influence on those sneaky little ones.

Background: A significant addition to our household of late has been Carolina’s two black kitties. We’re fostering them while she’s in transition. Believe me, it’s been lively. For the most part we’ve enjoyed these affectionate little buggers.

The siblings came to us as indoor cats during the summertime. Since we live without screens and with the doors open in the heat, they quickly adjusted to the wide open outdoors. But now, as fall’s blown in they’ve learned to use the kitty door. We try to keep them in at night (Carolina’s request) and like to think we have some say in the matter. Truth is though, they can dart.

We cornered the wrong black cat once or twice early on and ended up corralling three kitties in the house before the hissing ensued and we realized our mistake. Just let it be said, this business of indoors or outdoors is not as straightforward as it sounds. And it’s tricky substituting for someone else. We do want them to be safe. And we’ll follow Carolina’s lead, within reason. But, jeez!

We’re thinking they’re covered anyway and will survive this spookiest of nights. After all, earlier in the month I had them blessed at the cathedral. Sort of. I had the good sense to take a stuffed kitten to church as a surrogate. Definitely better to have an inert stand-in instead of our wild grandkits in the flesh.

I also think the ghost of Bucky, our favorite black feline will keep a special lookout for Porky and Kitty amongst the trick-or-treaters. Inside or outside, they’ll get extra protection from this watchful spirit that ruled the neighborhood for 18-plus years. After all, while there are lots of black cats around here these days, only our two youngsters bed down where Bucky once did.



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