Bogus Penny Reid?


Before starting my blog it seemed prudent to consider the name I’d use given that when I launched my first book as Penny Reid, I suddenly discovered I was smack in the middle of Reid Romance Land.

Here’s what I found in a quick Google search: Indeed, the other Penny Reid is a prolific author of several creative, contemporary sex novels. And she’s not the only one with the moniker. There’s also a chemist for instance. Between these two and probably others (I didn’t study closely), Bridging by Penny Reid – Me! – doesn’t show up until page 10 of who-knows-how-many links in a web search. As I’ve said many times, I set out to learn Spanish not write a book. But then I did actually write a book and I published it without giving any thought to publicity including checking the frequency of my name in the professional or at least literary world.

Discouraged, I switched my search to Penelope Reid. After all it’s my given name and the one I use in Nicaragua with good reason. Given my sloppy accent, I can accidentally introduce myself as Pene (Spanish for penis) if I’m not careful. First I learned that the other Penny Reid who’s a romance author already uses Penelope as her Facebook name. Unbelievable! Talk about a nemesis. She’s everywhere.

And I’m screwed!

Plus, in no time I learned there are at least eight other Penelope Reids including a civil engineer, walking tour guide, two recruiters, a physical therapist and three nurses. Spanning four countries including Canada, the UK, the US and the DR.

All this to say, yes there is more story in a name than you’d think, but there is also less. Knowing one’s face is always infinitely better. And, likely you first readers know mine. You probably only know one of the many Penny Reid faces that exist as I have never had to go by Penny R or Penny 1 or Penny 2 in school. After all, where I grew up, in Virginia, usually only horses and dogs had the name of our smallest coin.

In the future, people who don’t know me may read the blog. Or I’ll struggle with which name to use if I publish another book. Hum, maybe I should add middle initials? Anyway, until then I’m sticking with my original choice. This humble rag is still about reflection, maybe conversation. Simply Penny Reid will do for that. And, in the spirit of “Everything Belongs” (thank you, Richard Rohr), I can certainly stand being affiliated with romance. Maybe even embrace it.

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