Lent 2023 (Bryan Jackson)

[From Penny: My friend, Bryan Jackson is ordained in the American Baptist Churches USA, a registered Cherokee descendant, and active in the Cherokee Nation satellite community. While I was in the Holy Land, Bryan submitted a post. I share it with you now, as I re-enter through the haze of jetlag. Thank God for this gift of rare beauty.]

I wonder as I wander on my four legs during the 40 days of this cycle of the Christian year.

I wonder about my friend Penny as she wanders and ponders on her journey in the Holy Land. The Lord be with her. She’s rolling with the big dogs. I saw where she just spent time in the living waters of the Dead Sea. Will she bring back more life for me or will I be gone before the next Lenten season?

Either way is a win because though death feels repeatedly cheated by me, no true death exists because our Lord has promised this

and besides I have

my own Penny (a friend

of Penny too) to look after


I write for the

Little People

of this world and when I’m

on a roll

my heart sings like nobody’s

damn business

because I’m half man/

half dog—or so I’ve

been told—and a dog always

magically appears

in my stories


you just know there’s some

celestial connection between

P.D. Eastman’s Go, Dog. Go!

(The I Ching of children’s books

if you must know, and I

think you must) and the homeland of

the Cosmic Christ.

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