Holy Land 2023 (Penny)

Photo by Stuart Meeks when Ruth and Bhushan’s children were baptized at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle.

Small World of Love

After scurrying at least a mile through the Istanbul airport, to transfer to the long flight home, I was almost out of breath and on fire. I was looking forward to reconnecting with Hannah who was coming in from Tel Aviv, having worked in Jerusalem while we were on the Jordan extension.

Instead my name was called at the gate by Ruth, of all peope! She was behind me with her preschoolers, transferring from Mumbai, after an extended visit with her husband Bhushan’s family. Ruth is currently a yoga teacher at St. Mark’s. I met her traveling on another pilgrimage to Nicaragua more than a decade ago, first met Bhushan at a flamenco fund-raiser at Diocesan-House and witnessed their wedding and the baptisms of their little ones.

My heart flew open.

Imagine. The hope, the warmth.

We pilgrims are all home now. Finished uninjured.

The Light of the World has come.

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