Holy Land 2023 (Penny)

The log pew in front of me

Taken Blessed Broken Given

Sometimes it writes itself: Immediately after the service at the outdoor chapel between the Sea of Galilee and the Church of the Multiplication, I posted this with fresh pomegranate juice in hand and e-juice on the bus.

During his homily, Steve encouraged us to live “eucharistically.” Literally, this word means “giving thanks.”

Some days it’s easy to do.

2 thoughts on “Holy Land 2023 (Penny)

  1. that’s a beautiful picture of the old wood, gray and rippled with what was once life, now seating. for pilgrims! thank you for drawing my attention to this blog. i didn’t even know you were going to israel. have you been to the church of the holy sepulcher yet? a church like no other, to be sure. i am excited to keep up with you on you way through the holy land. looking forward to more photos and reflections! 🖤


  2. oh, i left a comment thinking it was seyi who took that photo, im sorry. this structure is a bit confusing to me. i’m a friend of seyi from st marks.


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