Holy Land 2023 (Seyi)

This was the first full day of the Pilgrimage. I found myself inspired to take photos where church met sky; the image above was my favorite photo from the collection. We were on top of Mount Tabor and this cross calmly sat on ruins from the Byzantine era. (Guess how many takes it took to get this shot without any people or my lingering ring finger in it?)

And now, some end of day poetry…

3/5/2023 9:57 pm

Dear The Shift,

When the hours came close to me for my departure and your arrival, I felt your energy swirling round. A new perspective: I knew I had to face you. Change the way I see what I lack in this world. While I search for that I miss, I am blind to the bird who sings her gifts for me. A mourning song awakens my morning run to the sea.

I lie here in the region of Galilee, longing only to be, while wrapped in stories of ruins built stone upon stone. What is pilgrimage if not a personal mission to find answers to questions that you did not ask?

I have not found one yet. And that is good. For it is I who spent my lifetime looking. In these holy days, I hope to just be. In a cricket’s silent night, I raise my head to sky and follow the moon’s trail. He shall lead me to the beginning of my fate. And I will find you there.

Without a plan,

Pilgrim Seeking Pilgrimage

2 thoughts on “Holy Land 2023 (Seyi)

  1. I am lying on the other side of the wall and crying after reading your words. I am moved by them. The photo and then the giggle about how long it took you to take it, the run to the sea w the mourning morning bird, the quest we are on which is only, finally about being. This is the kind of gift of hearts touching that I seek most. Thank you. God, bless us today as we walk with each other and Jesus.

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