Lent 2023 (Penny)

Artwork by Amanda McPeak


I have already confessed to Rob (my husband), about all the many times I have judged him for obsessing about his blood pressure. Now I’m making a go of it. It’s all heart around here these days because my own BP cuff arrived. I hope this simply is the result of the last dregs of the cooties. I am imagining that when I go back to the doctor in three months, this pressure won’t be as high as when I birthed babies.

Yesterday in her homily, Mother Linzi told us the adult body has ~60,000 (!!) miles of vessels. That’s a lot of passageways for moving the blessed blood that nourishes me. The circulation system is quite a long stretched-out container; best not to give it more juice than it can handle.

That said, I appreciated Linzi’s other references to the amazement of embodiment, providing many opportunities to consider what has gone, and can continue to go, well.

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