Lent 2023 (Penny)

Surprise snow at St Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle

Ash Wednesday

If you are like me, those two words conjure up thoughts and feelings of solemnity. Then it snowed during the early service. We were delighted. Even being the wuss that I am, I had a great chuckle driving home. No way would I have ventured to church at noon (my original plan) on slippery roads. Rolling over unexpectedly at 6 AM allowed for this frivolity to start the season. No snowballs were thrown, that I know of, but God had their way with me, once again.

After two years of blogging frequently during Lent, I am going to give it a whirl again. I’ve invited guest authors too. For instance, during the two weeks we travel to Israel, Palestine and Jordan, poet Seyi will chime in.

I don’t plan to share these posts regularly on Facebook, so if you want to read along, re-visit http://www.alwaysbridging.com. You are (and will be) welcome here.

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