I Ache

Aching feels crystalline. Yes, the shape in and of itself is vulnerable. It can break. We know that. Likewise, light shines through a crystal. It bounces. It warms and radiates.

Her story of the woman going into her tent that evening in downtown Portland, wagging her bum, with three men watching and licking their chops, has stayed with me. Every time it surfaces, I literally shake my head and try to dis-remember. It hurts that much.

And the institutional overlay: Recently someone asked if I was going to watch the hearings and I responded, “Absolutely not!” I know better. These days, I am too fragile for live-action and in-your-face. And now, my God!, Roe vs Wade overturned. Under the rage is sheer heartbreak.

I hope there is a way to heal this deep ache. I want to pace myself, honor what I know about warmth and radiance. I can wait here on the porch beside the garden watching and absorbing the light. I can share stories. What are yours?

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