Cathedral Gold

On Sunday we blessed the apiary on the roof of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle. Rob is the head beekeeper. He knows the value of holy honey.

More than 30 years ago with our first child, we found a community to support us. With our FOO’s far away in Virginia and Michigan, we didn’t want to do this very important work of parenting alone. We found a giant organ and several different groups that gathered in several different ways on Sundays and throughout the week in a literally-leaking-at-the-time large concrete building overlooking the houseboat where we lived. For us, it was fortuitous that we fell into an ancient story we had already heard. What was and is more important in that regard is that the collective body allowed Rob, and me, to develop our personal understandings of This Great Metaphor.

Such that, and I am continually amazed by this…

Rob can lean into the first Bible—The Book of Nature—the one that has taught and held all of us since time began. And I can help mentor a band of pilgrims in a seminary course where some of the academic words that have come to be associated with This Exquisiteness are studied.

Over time what is most delightful and surprising to me is we can be still and worship together, sometimes in the same place, and often alone in Creation.

One thought on “Cathedral Gold

  1. I just read this and it is one of my favorites, maybe my favorite. It is exquisite and touches me deeply. Love you my dear prayer partner. ♥️🙏

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