From the Caring Bridge


Dear Friends,

Yesterday we jumped in Lake Washington. Very refreshing!

Yes, we did meet with Rob’s oncologist, Dr. Richard Ancheta. Next Rob will update bloodwork and CT scans. Chemotherapy will likely start sometime in September after a second opinion at Fred Hutch.

For background and statistics, dig into “Rob’s Story” on his Caring Bridge site. Knowing the official odds are long and that none of us gets out of this alive, we are choosing to focus on Rob’s personal stats. Maybe you already know Rob has a great track record. For instance, most recently he was in that 20% with no complications after cystectomy. No wonder he is calm and steady, as usual. While the rest of us are stunned, bereft at times and still trying to figure out how we can schedule the future, he is playing the piano, watering his garden and tending the bees. Soon he will be running again, God willing.

We have learned that what helps most is

*when you bring us food.

*when we talk about something besides cancer.

We believe in nourishment, laughter, the science and miracles of modern medicine and the power of prayer and friendship. We delight in and welcome your individual version of that. Come join us in the Big Time. It’s quite the ride.



PS What is that coming out of Rob’s head in the photo?!

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