Feelings re: Politics


My morning practice includes journalling and reading my entries from a year ago, a month ago, a week ago and just yesterday. The last ten weeks have been loaded with “feeling words.”

Post-election: Shocked. Alarmed. Unnerved.

A week later after reading “Arrivals,” a poem about new immigrants by David Whyte, then sharing our own bridging stories with colleagues: Curious. Appreciative. Encouraged.

In between times given the consistent and general background malaise due to news of presidential politics: Dread. Disgusted. Uneasy. Distracted. Afraid. Worried. Apprehensive. Forlorn.

Then inauguration weekend.

Thursday after reading together from The New Jim Crow, a book about racism by Michelle Alexander, then sharing our own stories about undoing institutional racism: Disappointed and heavy hearted. Also curious. Compassionate. Open.

Friday after accidentally turning on my phone and seeing the Obamas board the plane to end their era as our leaders: Bereft. Deeply sad. Fragile. Wretched. Vulnerable.

Then after seven hours volunteering at Seattle United, an event to connect immigrants and refugees with attorneys and other services: Engaged. Elated. Pleased. Grateful. Refreshed.

Saturday after the womxn’s march, sitting on my sofa alone, seeing photos from around the globe of others who marched, millions of us…er, at the very least, a million of us: Spellbound. Amazed. In awe. Invigorated. Deeply touched and moved. Inspired.

Like we can do this.

The next morning I sat in bed, still in pajamas, with my sister, studying Jennifer Hofmann’s Weekly Action Checklist. This is where we started. Some people have been doing this since Day 1, preparing, making it easy for us to be steadily politically active and not burn out. We each picked our three focus areas as Jen suggested. Then we located contact info for our congresswomen and senators. Then we left messages on the phones of those leading action we oppose. We donated. We committed to twenty minutes of this targeted work per week. It was good to be together.

Empowered. Determined. Proud. Invigorated.

Yes, we can do this. Yes we can!





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