Lent 2023 (Penny)

This Book

While many in my faith tradition gathered to mourn together on Good Friday, I finished reading The Awakened Brain by Columbia University scientist and professor, Lisa Miller. I couldn’t put it down. I started rereading it this morning.

The book begins by describing a robust study that compares the brain images of those who report high personal spirituality or religion to those who report low or medium levels. Lisa has been on a quest to see how spirituality correlates with risk for depression; to see if this tact might help her patients.

My academic fields of study are education and psychology. I measure off the charts as “intuitive” (as opposed to “sensing”…I am not a scientist per se.) I have always believed that eventually science would show the efficacy of spirituality but honestly, I never thought it would happen in my lifetime.

I am pretty thrilled to have This Book in my hands. I commend it to you on this Holy Saturday.

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