Lent 2023 (Penny)

First, a story from my son, Clarke:


OK, so I managed to pedal my way to UW a few days this week to register for another Spanish class. But motivating myself for the study it requires of me outside of class…oomph!

Good thing fabulous memories like this one pop up on Facebook to remind me why I do this. I am super-proud of my son who is a fluent Spanish speaker. I believe that even though we are privileged as native English speakers, we too are wise to learn a second language. I think we contribute to the positive evolution of humankind when we encourage communicating across differences in this way.

Still it’s hard every time I start up a new class. I’d rather shore it up immersing myself again by traveling and living with host families. There, I’ve said it. Maybe that will help…the accountability offered by a silent audience.

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