Lent 2023 (Penny)



The adage that it takes a day for every hour of time change in order to recover from jet lag after traveling seems about right to me. I’ve been home 10 days following a 10 hour time change. I am now sleeping soundly beside Rob again at night instead of napping, moving to the blue room in the wee hours, craziness like that.

That doesn’t mean my thoughts aren’t still crazily whirring at times. No wonder. I left part of my heart halfway around the world.

When I see photos and read about the protests in Israel over politics, I remember our guides, bus drivers, people of all stripes and proclivities. These are souls who do many things the same way I do, seeking to honor the Divine and care for themselves, their children and their neighbors.

And I weep, Lord, I weep.

*Photo by Stuart Meeks. Church of Saint Anne in Jerusalem.

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