Lent 2023 (Penny)

Zoomers and slide show

MOM is 95❣️

My mother celebrated her birthday while I was away, virtually with my e-suave sister Susan as Zoom MC. All reports are that it was magnificent. Even though Mom doesn’t remember the details, I’m sure she felt and remembers the love.

I’ll find out today because, five days after my trip, I’m feeling well and even rested, I’m taking her out for lunch. It’s still her Birthmonth, after all.

As I reflect, one of my favorite things about Mom’s party is that I let it go. As the oldest sibling, I grew up bossier than most so as I was leaving for the Holy Land, I really wanted to know this special event would be covered. Who would be responsible? Would someone go see her? Uncharacteristically, I didn’t ask.

And look at the wonderful beauty that transpired, complete with flowers and a Door Dash ice cream cake.

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