Holy Land 2023 (Penny)

Playing in Petra

Pi Day in Petra

31 years ago I had one of the best days of my life, my 2nd Birthing Day, when my daughter, the marvelous Carolina Jane came into the world. No matter what, I was determined to make yesterday one of the best days too. What could possibly get in the way of that? After all, this was our day to explore the ancient ruins of Petra. At one point, I remember saying to our guide, “I can’t imagine being more content.

First we strolled through the most fantastic slot canyon, with carved sandstone cliffs rising up all around us (think Indiana Jones). This was experiential learning at its best at the hands of our knowledgeable guide Zaid. I also enjoyed some of the most fun shopping with the birthday girl as my excuse.

After lunch, it started raining in earnest such that flash flooding threatened and the siq (gorge) was closed for safety sake. By then, we had separated for our free afternoon. Let me just say, we all have wild and fascinating stories to tell about how we each got home via foot, shuttle, donkey and pick-up truck. All the town’s residents must have been called to service to get the masses home and settled for the night. I’m happy to report we nine finished uninjured with stories to tell.

And anyone who tells you it’s hot in the desert, hasn’t enjoyed a good downpour where it rarely rains.

Sometimes on a pilgrimage you have to dig deep but it’s pretty easy to find something interesting going on internally and/or externally. I laughed as my donkey ZuZu and I plodded along. Thirty minutes prior I would have not imagined I’d be riding half the way home on this magnificently strong beast of burden then traveling in the pick-up driven by the donkey owner’s brother for the second half of the trip.

One’s attitude must be flexible as just about anything can happen.

Push-ups in Petra
Paying in Petra
Planning price in Petra
Pouring in Petra
Plodding in Petra

*Today’s photos courtesy of James Violette and Stuart Meeks. Can you believe I forgot to bring my phone/camera today of all days?

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