Holy Land 2023 (Penny)

Returning from the Dead Sea

We celebrated the Eucharist this morning at Abu Ghosh (thought to be one of the possible sites of ancient Emmaus), followed by a stop at the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947. Heads up, you scientists. You know who you are.

We are working our way up from 413 meters below sea level in the immaculate Mercedes-Benz chariot of our oh-so capable driver/business owner, Issam. Occasionally our beautiful (inside-and-out) guide, Ranya, adds commentary about the exquisite desert scenery and history.

Let’s see…

Why would I ever doubt?

Then we floated in the Dead Sea itself,which was a stitch. MANY laughs!

I have been at this relationship with God for a long time now. Sometimes I allow myself to be distant and sometimes close. More and more often, the distance is less and I remember, regardless, God is there. I marvel at how close I feel now. Every time I experience the cycle, I am more assured. This is life at its richest and fullest.

Thanks Be.


Since tomorrow is Sunday, one of the feast days in between the 40 days of Lent, I don’t plan to post. Instead I will celebrate and rest. Most pilgrims return home on Monday while eight of us will continue on to Jordan. ¡Ojala!

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