Holy Land 2023 (Penny)

Erin and Seyi at the Western Wall

Cousins across three faiths

What an absolutely remarkable day! We visited the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre, a school for Palestinian children who have disabilities. We walked the stations of the cross along the Via Dolorosa worshiping as we remembered Jesus making this very journey. And we met two fathers from Parent Circle, one Palestinian and one Jew, who each lost their school-age daughters in the conflict and now tell their story as friends who seek peace. Each experience could make for a post in itself.

What struck me most deeply though was in the morning when we stepped onto the Temple Mount, a sacred spot venerated by Jews, Christians and Muslims. Airport-type security checks were required first. My heart swelled as I stood in the coolish sunshine and noticed the cast of delicious characters of three faiths, all descended from Abraham, all monotheistic.

Later, after praying at the Western Wall, I waited in the bathroom line behind two elderly-and-wrinkled Jewish women. We began laughing as we tested the doors to find the next available stall. While I couldn’t understand their words, we related in our quest to find an open door. Imagine our shared delight when this was the first one that opened as I turned the handle:

Sharing our human condition over basic needs with laughter…what could be better?

One thought on “Holy Land 2023 (Penny)

  1. What a blessed time to share space with our cousins across faiths! And indeed laughter is a common language. Great story.


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