When we met for breakfast this morning, I warned my travelmates I was feeling especially effervescent. My cousin asked what that meant and Rob responded, “Foaming at the mouth.” Doug wanted the technical definition. He knew of “bubbly” as in champagne but wasn’t as familiar with Webster’s second definition, “vivacious and enthusiastic.”

What I know from experience is that this trait of mine turns some people off, way off. Especially the foaming version. But when I contain myself, it is as if I have bubbles underneath my skin. I enjoy this feeling. From here, I notice more.

Especially when it seems to be perpetually drizzling in Rio de Janiero and we choose to go to the botanical garden instead of the famous close-and-socked-in mountaintops. There we see an armadillo scurrying past in broad daylight and monkeys above us.

After hours of strolling while the quieter ones in our foursome identify much of the flora, I begin to calm.

This is a delightful feeling too.

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