Birthmonth Poem

(Started writing in October when Jewels met for the first time on Mercer Island.)

We are made to attract light

               and birth it

               and reflect it.

               To harbor it

               and splay it

               into a million facets of sparkling color.

As I understand it, color is the natural product of light.

I sprang early this morning from the darkness of the city,

               and long ago, from my mother’s warm womb,

through tunnels made by man and by God.

The marvel of watching and experiencing

               the pulse of my now-hometown,

               my nest of new fresh autumnal wetness.

All gave way to firm, clear-and-bright Daytime.


And, before this, I felt the steady rock of Eternity.

My eyes, through their fragile translucent lids, could only begin to imagine the possibilities then.

Darkness, shadows and embryonic rest, had made me ready for the fullness that is Embodiment.

That fluid bath of dreamtime.

Before a November date was first attached to me.

Before this very date—TODAY!—jewel-like in its resonance.

Before then, I asked for encouragement

               for deep sleep

               for less consciousness

and for longer.

Who knew I would be welcomed by Splendor?

A monk in black greeted my rainbow.

How did I know to contain myself in a shirt of many colors?

Grateful, here-and-now,

to attract, birth, reflect, harbor, and splay.

Light made Goodness.

With no concern whatsoever about how it might, I might,

               curl into the world,

helping to create.

And be joyful too, surrounded by shimmering radiance.

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