Imagine a book club with no rules. As I understand it, there are only two Rules anyway, the rest are parables.

This is certainly true for our new book group. It is unfolding fluidly, like a story. For instance, we have our selection for the year—The Second Half of Life, Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom by Angeles Arrien. Most of our members are virtual; some are super-virtual. There is no assigned reading. When we gather, we read a little of Arrien’s text out loud to each other. We share a meal and a bit about another book we are reading.

Today it went like this:

Mom – I really like doing this, over a nice lunch out. I hope we do this until I die.

Me – Well, most people as old as you are bed-ridden before they die.

Mom – What about the lucky ones who die in their sleep?

Me – You mean the ones who get seduced in their dreams to come over by those on the other side?

Mom – Yeah, like your Dad.

Me – Yeah, him.

Then we flipped forward to the introductory poems about the Gold Gate on pages 135 and 136. Mom read the short one and I read the long one.

Luscious. Talk about Thanks Giving.

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