Pilgrim Magic

Day 12

Call it what you like. Some of this borders on the unbelievable. Take today. We toured Durham Cathedral and celebrated Eucharist in an ancient stone chapel. Absolutely fantastic!

Afterwards at lunch, Mary asked, so what are you going to do with all this? What popped out was that I hoped we could incorporate more of the language of Celtic spirituality into our services at home. I help lead prayers on Thursday morning where we stick with the Book of Common Prayer for the most part. Sometimes though, we fold in the intercessory prayers from the Green Book and occasionally collects and canticles from Enriching Our Worship.

Imagine me, two hours later, alone in my room, rocking out to my EfM playlists as I packed. Then, poof!, I noticed it was almost seven o’clock in Seattle and time for Morning Prayer. I zoomed in and was asked to read a canticle. I chose one from our Pilgrim Prayer & Song Book, adapted from the Northumbria Community.

With tea in hand and biscuits nearby, I enjoyed the others. Now, afterwards, I am fortified to finish packing then join in our final meeting and celebratory dinner.

Even packing can be sublime.

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