Scotland 2022

Day 3

We made it to Iona on this, the third anniversary of Rob’s surgery for bladder cancer. He is well now. Thank God.

I miss Rob AND I am very grateful, over-the-top grateful, simultaneously.

This is my home-away-from-home, a B & B down the lane from the hotel where we share our meals and where most of the others are staying.

4 thoughts on “Scotland 2022

  1. Your BnB looks lovely Penny, I hope that it is another connection for your time in Iona. My experience is that if I can stay local, connect with locals (even with almost no French!) the experience changes, it is different and richer. It changes me, and I leave a mark on it. Blessings while you sojourn.


  2. Your BnB looks lovely, I find the experience of staying with locals so different and rich. Nice to have that in your time at Iona, a bonus to your time with Saint Marks folks. Blessings on your travels.


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