Glory Pie

In the past, we called it Lumami Frittata, employing the Chilean word for leftovers. This summer though, it became Wednesday Fritatta because midweek, we toss in whatever’s left in the fridge to be consumed before we replenish our local organic vegetables on CSA Thursday. This week’s one-pan meal included onions, the-most-giant-garlic-clove-ever, zucchini, broccolini, carrots, salad and chopped lamb burger remaining from lunch, plus a few nuts for crunch….all salted and seared in olive oil, covered with eight beat eggs then baked at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. This dish is different and delicious every time.

And what a wonderful day it was for cooking. Hours of chopping, mixing, experimenting. Singing and dancing too. I blended pesto to slather over rice/lentil pasta unearthed from back of the cabinet. Baked chocolate chip cookies too using that recipe memorized long ago, altered to gluten/dairy-free version but definitely not taste-free. And washed greens for later.

Let it be known: This is the day I delighted while cooking. Not the first but Day One of considering myself a cook, a good one at that. Maybe even a darn good one. For this amazing shift, thanks go to my patient teachers. You know who you are, especially Carolina Jane, Mr. FODMAP and even Ms Cancer. The necessity of nourishment combined creatively with care. Who could have imagined?

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