Safe Enough

Facebook is reminding me that 7 years ago I administered the Heimlich maneuver on my mother when she choked across the table from me during a picnic. Because I inadvertently squeezed the emergency pendant she wore at the time, the EMT onsite came running over to check on her.

Fast forward to now. She has been issued a pendant at her assisted living home which she has misplaced. We are considering putting a camera in her room so she can be viewed from outside. She is reticent about this idea.

Meanwhile I am glad she has not misplaced her new hearing aids. Even though she questions whether she really needs them, we believe they are devices from which she can benefit. I am not sure the other technologies are, nor is she. But do they help us rest-assured? Is there such a thing when her aging doesn’t slow for a second? And we know no one gets out of this alive?

One thought on “Safe Enough

  1. It’s a process, this caring, this loving, this learning how closely to hold. Breathing in and out, knowing the end will come sooner than we are ready, we try to use the time left wisely. It’s heart work.

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