Resurrection Bells

Yesterday I pedaled The Bells, flat roads around our cabin that allow a quick dash home if overcome by sheets of rain or tears. The last time I rode like this—between hailstones, that is—my Dad was with me. He was 92 and on a trike. It was slow-going but still about as interesting as anything I can imagine. Same yesterday as—must it be said aloud?—he was there again.

One thought on “Resurrection Bells

  1. I guess this is a reminder that energy stays with us. His spirit is within you and still in the world at large. A couple of things came to mind: Scarlet and the Duke on Masterpiece and a book I just finished, A Place For Us. In the first Scarlet and the Duke turn to Scarlets dead father for advice when they are utterly lost. The second is an elaborately developed story about a Muslim family in California including their experiences of 2011 and 2016. It looks at family, culture and faith and we see the unfolding of and widening of their ideas of each as they deal with estrangement and addiction.


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