Escuela Colibrí


Recently I returned to Matagalpa, Nicaragua to study Spanish at Escuela Colibrí, newly located on the side of Cerro Apante beside the mountain town of Matagalpa. In almost ten years the school has grown enough to move to the permaculture site of a refurbished farm villa and new open-air classrooms. Namesake hummingbirds flit here and there.  Fresh luncheon is served to all midday. In my previous studies at Colibrí I have been impressed with the all-Spanish delivery and homestay option that comfortably extends learning about the language and culture beyond the classroom. This time I was even more enamored with the kinesthetic brain exercises, music, yoga, conversation, drawing, listening, reading and games woven throughout the lessons. These make this the best in individualized adult education. Plus it’s fun. And, believe me, the price is right.

Best of all I celebrated the school’s new digs as the student representative at a lovely dinner. About 30 of us toured the site and toasted this special circle of (primarily) women who’ve made this dream come true. Led by Noelia Corrales—though this fact would be more important to those of us in individualistic cultures—these people recognize this is an ongoing team effort. The fiesta included a piñata, party games, mojitos and carne asada (grilled meat), all topped off with a gorgeous sunset. The event ended with a wild ride back down the hill to town under a dark star-studded sky.

I’ll be back as soon as possible.

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