Holy Land 2023 (Seyi)

Calm before the Chaos

My last day before leaving on vacation from work is invariably hectic and stressful as I try wrap everything up with the neatest of bows. And the night before I leave for a trip is invariably hectic because I am a procrastinator when it comes to packing. (Though this time I opened up the suitcase and started putting a few garments in two days before my trip to the Holy Land.)

Yet on Thursday morning, before heading into a nonstop block of meetings, I took the time and made space for calm. Below is the epistolary (letter) poem that I wrote and above is the view that I had during my morning workout.

3/2/2023 9:28 am

Dear Making Time,

In this morning of space and calm, I make time for you. In this thought full of presence and free from worry, I make time for my body. I make time in time for today, this minute, this moment is all I have. This time of now is all I see. This is all that is.

Swaying branches dance with wind outside my window. Remind me to Be. Here. Now. To dance with the raindrops for we are all here together. And in accepting this moment, I can love what is within me. As it is. As I am. As this life unfolds the creases of my heart.

And that is what time is.

With love in presence,

Slow Morning

2 thoughts on “Holy Land 2023 (Seyi)

  1. not sure if you are getting my replies.
    Just want you to know I love each one
    and sending a comment. ♥️🙏

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