Work Party for 2

Summer’s here and masks are off. Thanks to my favorite plumber, nothing is leaking in our aging bodies or houses, for the time being at least. The new kitchen faucet at the beach is the fanciest appliance in the place.  Plus, the upper deck is freshly stained and enough weed whacking is done for guests to park. Bring ‘em on. Good riddance, Pandemic. 

Original Facebooks

Last week JoAn came to my home. She is 90. Spry and sharp. She lived in the house next to ours in the late 40’s—a surprise to both of us. JoAn perched on our red ottoman while we poured over the beloved faces in the old paper directories from the cathedral.

How’s that for church family?

Meet Ele

I bought an elephant for my grandniece’s upcoming birthday, thinking her Mom (my niece) could use it in her counseling office too. After all, visualizing is a step to naming “The Elephant in the Room,” right?

So I went to visit little Bennett. I was happily maskless and inside her home. Then I spied her pachyderm. Looks like B might have everything she could ever need already. But, ah ha, I don’t. This stuffie is staying right here with me. They’re* soft, cuddly and downright necessary sometimes.

*Ele has let me know their pronouns are they/them. I’m glad they told me this. Using the correct pronouns with my friends helps strengthen our friendship.

Pre-positioning Love

(After monthly meeting of Jewels, my creativity circle)

Spirit, Oh Spirit.

We wash with love, peel with love, cook with love.

We pause for love, turn vegetables for love, press the smoke alarm off for love.

We speak and ask questions about love.

We enjoy and listen in love then watch and stretch into love.

We radiate ourselves as love.

Heavenly Dove and Solid Ground holding me. Show me the way to discerning, worshipful prayers. I know words are my medium. Thanks for making this obvious. Thanks for and bless these women. Help me trust deeply.




Radical passivity is the conviction that all is good. It means Creator loves unconditionally, offering complete freedom without judgment knowing all will return to wholeness in the long run. Of course, we are human and, in this freedom, make choices that are not loving thus it takes a long time to evolve into Spirit. Remember MLK Jr’s “the moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice”? That’s a similar position of faith. This is not an understanding I can make myself have, but it seems to be slowly seeping into me.

Thanks be to God.