My prayer partner noted that writing is nourishing for me. Plus it doesn’t have calories. She knows how I struggle with my sweet tooth rather than appreciate that part of my body as I should. After all, it has been so deliciously good to me over the years. So, what would you do with a hand-crafted ice cream cake, personally delivered on Ash Wednesday? Oh, I know. The scheme of Sunday feast days during Lent springs to service. Poof! Temptation practically evaporates.    

Praise Bees

Rob has gone to see his honeys, thousands of them. The honeybees, hunkered together on the cathedral’s roof, might give him a sign. Otherwise we are not certain the hive thrives. He’s learned after years of losing colonies during the winter not to open the hive. It’s tempting to break the interior beeswax seals to peek in. Instead Rob bought a stethoscope so we might listen in from the outside. But wait, is that the hum of bees? Or the freeway below? Regardless, have faith! The bee doctor is in. Together we will hope and wait.   

Trust the Process

One thought was to spell out how this book became part of my Lenten practice. All those details fall away if I am honest and just say it: Howard Thurman is here with me during this season too. I am grateful he is part of these 40 days.

Let It Be Lent

My bestie meditates and opens her heart, then draws and follows as she creates. Sometimes daily. Her artwork is fantastic including spectacular creatures and words that help her discern the path.

With this in mind, I intend to add a practice, rather than forego one, during the 40 days of Lent. I’ll post one hundred words or less with an illustration, not unlike what I already upload here. But crisper. These “Let It Be’s” will be my offering. We have been considering this tact for a while; God will have Her way.