Lent 2023 (Penny)

This Book

While many in my faith tradition gathered to mourn together on Good Friday, I finished reading The Awakened Brain by Columbia University scientist and professor, Lisa Miller. I couldn’t put it down. I started rereading it this morning.

The book begins by describing a robust study that compares the brain images of those who report high personal spirituality or religion to those who report low or medium levels. Lisa has been on a quest to see how spirituality correlates with risk for depression; to see if this tact might help her patients.

My academic fields of study are education and psychology. I measure off the charts as “intuitive” (as opposed to “sensing”…I am not a scientist per se.) I have always believed that eventually science would show the efficacy of spirituality but honestly, I never thought it would happen in my lifetime.

I am pretty thrilled to have This Book in my hands. I commend it to you on this Holy Saturday.

Lent 2023 (Penny)

Un buen equipo


Yes, shaking my head. All is well.

Last night Carolina and I took Mom to the Maundy Thursday service. My head was clear, no more vertigo, a miracle in itself. Mom and I arrived with her wheelchair moments before the procession. Carolina slipped in just before the first hymn. I cried all the way through singing.

And then we washed each other’s feet. There were big smiles and giggles as Carolina is ticklish. Well also she is just like that…often an absolute celebration wherever she goes. And with good reason!

Knowing full well Jesus was given up to be crucified—I had even seen the stubs for the shackles that held his wrists in that dungeon, for Heaven’s sake,—in that quiet cathedral, I was holding her healed foot, metal and all, broken and unusable six months ago. Thank you, blessed God!

Oh to acknowledge such pain and such joy at the same time. This is Life.

Lent 2023 (Penny)

Conehead on the UW Quad

Currently Disoriented

Occasionally I suffer vertigo. I hate it. And no wonder! Speedy yoga move + Ramadan + Holy Week + full moon + Passover + a friend’s back surgery + first Spanish quiz of the quarter….the list goes on and on.

The good news: I know the Epley Maneuver. I am reading a great book. I pray in community on Thursday mornings. And recently, when I bike to the university for class, I travel by this magnificent crop of cherry trees.

I still hate the dizzies. And, with God’s Grace, I am learning to lean into their benign-ness.